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Serum C&E


A blend of three unique forms of Vitamin C and three forms of Vitamin E create a reservoir of vitamins at all levels that helps visually repair years of sun damage within weeks.

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Additional Info

Treats The Following Conditions:

  • Dry, lackluster skin.
  • Skin lacking firmness or elasticity.
  • Frequent blackheads of clogged pores.
  • Deepening lines around the eyes, mouth, cheeks or jawline.

Action Ingredients

  • Time released Vitamin C
  • Time released Vitamin E
  • Rose Hips Seed Oil: Helps repair skin's ntural moisture zone reviving radiance from within.


  • Youthful radiance begins to return within minutes.
  • Obvious lines around eyes, mouth, cheeks and jawline appear to diminish within weeks.
  • Evenness of skin tone starts to improve within days.
  • Blackheads and clogged pores begin to clear within days.
  • Free of synthetic fragrance, colorants or parabens.

To Use

Smooth 1 - 3 pumps of Serum C&E over clean skin before applying moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup.  May also be applied to chest and back of hands.  To reduce friction and help prevent redness that can occur during application, warm Serum C&E between fingertips by quickly rubbing hands together, then lightly pat and press product into the skin.  If used with other treatments, layer over water-based complexes and under moisturizer.  Avoid irritation from strong AHA products by applying Serum C&E during day, AHAs at night.  Avoid eye area if tearing occurs.