Combination Skin Hydrating Cream


Studies prove the balancing ingredient in this buttery, yet greaseless, cream works with skin's natural moisturizing lipids to normalize oily skin in only 15 days and dry skin within 45 days.

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Action Ingredients

  • Farnesol Complex: Helps normalize oily skin in 15 days, dry skin in 45 days.
  • Vitamin E: Delivers a comforting reservoir of moisture between skin cells for up to 20 hours.
  • Stabilized Ester of Vitamin A: Helps smooth fine lines and surface wrinkles.


  • "Smart" moisturizer adjusts to the hydration needs of any skin.
  • Vitamins A, C & E deliver day-to-day visible age-correction.
  • AM/PM moisturizer eliminates the need for night cream.

To Use

Apply moderate amount to moist skin after cleansing.  To reduce friction and help prevent redness that can occur during application, warm a dime-sized amount of cream between you fingertips and lightly pat into the skin.  For best results, wear AM/PM for 24-hour care.